Banner & Text Ad Exchanges

Name Timer Rate Comments
TrafficG 10 0.7

TE with an integrated 468x60 banner exchange that is one of the most popular in the industry, capable of delivering massive amounts of impressions. Only one banner size (468x60) and a fixed 2:1 ratio is available, but impressions can also be acquired by converting TrafficG surfing credits.

TrafficAdBar 10 0.8

Unique traffic exchange which lets you earn points by placing text ads of various sizes on your website, or displaying your sites on other traffic exchanges inside TAB's framed page

Adsvert 8 0.8

High-quality text ad exchange from the owner of TrafficG. Many different unit sizes, targeting by country and interest channel, completely free membership. Ability to place ads on any page - even not your own - using the floating ad code.

1TAE 8 0.5

Popular text ad exchange displayed on more than 1,468 sites. Earn credits by putting their adbar code on your website, or surfing text ads like in a traditional exchange.

Adzly 8 0.5

Text ad exchange with customizable widgets (adjust size, color, etc.). Upgraded members can use image ads. Targeting by site category. Up to 30% cash commissions.

Get Quality Visitors with Banner and Text Ads

While banner and text ads won’t deliver nearly as many hits as full page views, every visitor you get this way will be much more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. So if you run a website or a blog, make sure to add the code from one of the ad exchanges listed above, and start earning some free impressions. You can also do this in custom splash pages (example) – even if no one clicks your links, they will still earn you a banner view just by visiting.

If you don’t own a website but still want to advertise your banners to a wider audience, then Buckets of Banners is for you. Among other ways of advertising, they provide special banner image and link which you can promote on any traffic exchange that supports 468×60 banners. In return, your own banner will be promoted by all the other members. This extends the reach of your advertising to hundreds of traffic exchanges and other sources – just like a co-op, except for banners instead of sites.